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Calculate YOUR Longevity Potential

Welcome to The 100 Year Lifestyle, where we have been inspiring people to embrace their quality of life and longevity potential for decades. These principles have changed countless lives and spearheaded the booming healthy longevity movement. We have a lot of exciting resources for you beginning with this simple, important M-PYR calculation (pronounced empire) will give you immediate knowledge about YOUR longevity potential (YLP).

M-PYR number stands for your Minimum Potential Years Remaining. It’s a calculation based on your family’s longevity history and your current age. Some people absolutely love their M-PYR number while it causes others to freak out. Either way, knowing YOUR M-PYR will immediately inspire you to think differently about the rest of your life.

Take 30 seconds to fill in your information and find out YOUR M-PYR. In our response to your input, we will send you your M-PYR number along with exciting resources that will empower you to embrace your best life today and your longevity potential. Compare your M-PYR with family and friends and use these resources to begin living your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle, today.

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Whenever you’re ready, you can explore all of the resources that will support your priorities and help you get on track to living your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle. Choose the area of life that is most important to you. We add new resources constantly so check back often for updates. Subscribe to our newsletter and you’ll always be in the know on the latest in practical, trustworthy, 100 Year Lifestyle information.

If you’re a PODCAST LOVER, make sure you check out The 100 Year Lifestyle Podcast. Start from number 1 and work your way through or bounce around to the topics that interest you. You may find that the relevance of this topic in your life will probably increase every day.

Thanks for spending time with us. Please share this information with family, friends, and co-workers. One thing is for sure, nobody wants to get to 100 alone, and nobody wants to be a burden. We look forward to hearing from you about your insights. Welcome to our family.

Dr. John Webster and the Roswell Health & Injury Center Family